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Common myths about implants

Common myths about implants
Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular and easily available these days. Many women prefer to go under the knife for a variety of reasons. Some of the most popular forms of plastic surgery are tummy tuck, breast augmentation and breast implants. There are a lot of myths that are associated with breast implants. Some of the common myths about breast implants are mentioned below.

MYTH: Women with implants are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer
Many people believe that breast implants can cause breast cancer in some women. Another popular myth is that since breast implants involve insertion of a foreign body in the body, it can also be a trigger factor in the development of auto immune disease. However, there is no scientific evidence to show that women with breast implants have a higher chance of developing breast cancer or autoimmune diseases.

MYTH: Insertion of breast implants makes it difficult to detect breast cancer
Many women are led to believe that breast implants make it difficult to detect the cancerous growth in breast. Experts have always recommended that all women should undergo regular check ups and physical examination in order to detect any forms of cancer or any other disease in an early stage. This helps in early diagnosis and prevention. Health care professionals continue to encourage women to self examine their breasts regularly for any lumps or tumors. Mammography is more difficult for women with breast implants, but is well practiced by radiologists. Patients should inform radiologists of breast implants prior to examination

MYTH: Women with breast implants are not able to breastfeed
Another popular myth circulating among women is that insertion of breast implants will hamper their ability to breastfeed. However, there is no medical evidence to show that breast implants interfere with breast-feeding. The ability to breastfeed successfully varies in all women with or without breast implants.
Women are led to believe that if they have breast implants and they breastfeed their babies, then the silicone in the implants passes to the baby through the breast milk. This belief is simply not true and there is no scientific evidence to support this myth.

MYTH: Silicone gel filled breast implants are not safe
Silicone gel-filled breast implants are extremely safe and hygienic. They have been manufactured after years of clinical research and extensive lab testing. Silicone breast implants are also one of the most studied medical devices. Scientists have put in significant amount of research and medical experts have evaluated their safety and effectiveness. The safety of silicone gel-filled breast implants is supported by extensive preclinical testing.

MYTH: Breast implants give an artificial appearance to the breasts
Breast implants is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery .This surgical procedure is performed to improve the shape, curvature and the overall appearance of the breasts. This operation must be performed by a well qualified, experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeon in order to achieve the best results and natural looking breasts.

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